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How you can help

By sponsoring us, of course!

Alternatively, we are looking for a couple of drivers who can look forward to sitting around for hours at the bottom of the mountains and then listening to the interminable bragging (or moaning) of the walkers, broken only by a few hours of snoring on the long drive. And then, of course there's the smelly socks!

Perhaps your best bet is to sponsor us!

The most efficient way of sponsoring us is to donate online, and if you are a UK taxpayer your donation will be automatically increased by almost a third at no cost to you. To donate online, visit our own secure web page at www.justgiving.com/3peaks and use your credit or debit card. JustGiving.com does deduct a small transaction charge, but I have spoken to the appeals office at Christie's Against Cancer, and they prefer to receive donations this way because they receive the donation gross from JustGiving.com (i.e. with the tax automatically reclaimed and added to it), and Christie's are therefore saved the administrative work of reclaiming tax.

However, if you are reluctant to use your credit card online, then we will gladly accept your cash or cheque!

Cheques should be made payable to "Christie's against Cancer" and sent to:

Mr Tony Beales
Business Computer Projects Ltd
BCP House
151 Charles Street

Or email your pledge, or even just a message of encouragement to

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